Hello and welcome to travelling-europe.info, a place where all your queries about travelling thousands of miles away from home can be solved in one website!

This site will demonstrate the most useful travel tips you require to travel abroad without any worries and to simply enjoy your unique experience; especially since it ain’t like going to some place like California, which by the way is a brilliant experience. In order to get the best time you can from your holiday, you need to plan beforehand i.e. if you need a VISA, go to the embassy a couple of weeks before the trip, not days!

Budapest, Hungary

In addition, to prepare the necessary documents, effectively you can do your “homework“ on your specified trip. Firstly, you can visit your travel agent and grasp all his knowledge of the county from past experiences and taking home multiple brochures displaying what you can do when you are at your destination. However, that’s not all, you can use the internet to discover further knowledge including various cultures and the best places to stay before even leaving your home!

As stated previously, I cannot emphasise how important it is to have all your documents and papers in order weeks in advance since it will make sure you are secure throughout the whole of your time abroad. Documents can include passports, airplane tickets, hotel bookings and your VISA. Furthermore, you should register with the embassy, can be Spanish or American once you arrive since it will ensure you are even more safe and also make sure you know all the laws of the area you are visiting since for all you know, “littering“ can be a $1000 fine! Whilst you are sorting out all your paperwork, you should photocopy your passport details and provide one trusted family member with it in case of an emergency!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In order to make sure you are not ripped off whilst purchasing food, a good idea is to find out online what the average people order from the most common shops since they may pick up you are british and overcharge you or simply steal your money. Thus, a good plan would be to divide the money between the adults equally so if one person’s money is stolen, you can still use the other money from the opposing adults. However, there are ATM’s almost anywhere so if you need to you can visit them to get some more funds out but beware there are hackers around!

If you follow all of these rules, your trip will be more enjoyable and more safe. Again, you should find out what the culture/food is like around the areas you are visiting so you are prepared for the worst possible scenario. All these hints and tips are for your benefit and so you will appreciate what you have found out since you are ensuring you family’s safety as well enjoying your self along the way. Remember life is too short, so make the most of it!

Venice, Italy

Furthermore, if you want to find out information for a particular country, look no further! Listed on the left hand side, is vital information about specific countries, so take a look since it is for your benefit!